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As Derek, I am a husband, father, musical theatre performer, improv comedian, amateur juggler & fledgling writer...among other entertainment-based pursuits.  I prefer to say that I keep my vaudevillian heart occupied.

As Mr. PoppinTwist, I am an avid fan and provider of quality balloon sculptures. How did I get started, you ask? Simply, my son deserves the credit. We were at a party and he was captivated by the balloon twister hired to entertain. Not long after, while passing through our local mall, we bought a bag of balloons that had a small pump & a booklet enclosed. We learned every design in a weekend! Not content with that, we spent all of our available time absorbing new designs from a myriad of sources (classes, seminars, videos). This resulted in my going "pro" in 2010 at the urging of friends & family

Since then, I've worked almost every kind of party or special event there is, from birthdays & communions to street fairs & wrestling shows & it's always a good time! I've studied and learned from some of the best in the business & I combine my passion and creativity with their teachings to bring fun to EVERY event! 

I'm the"balloon-bending, fun-sending, hero-making, challenge-taking, twist & poppin', never stoppin', TRUE entertainer of the pro wrestling world and beyond!" :-)

My balloon wrestlers were featured on WWE.com recently! Follow the link to check it our for yourself!!