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It's ALL in the 'Twist!!

We don't know how you do what you do and with the ease that you do it, but keep it up! Our friends and family were amazed at all you made for the kids to keep them entertained. And the Eiffel Tower...AMAZING! Thank you, Thank you! Thank you! You have a loyal follower and I will be recommending you to everyone we know!!I LOVE what I do and it makes me feel good when my clients love it too! But you don't have to take MY word for it... 

"The Balloons you put together for Eric's Birthday party were phenomenal, especially the "smurf" balloon you made...Both the kids and parents LOVED it! Thanks for helping us out...and if GDA Media Group can do the same for you, just give us a shout!"

"Thank you for the amazing job you did at our party yesterday. You were all the rave!!"

"Mr. PoppinTwist was the best part of our block party! I mean, little mermaids, penguins, even a vase with balloon flowers for a mom...now THAT is awesome! Thanks Mr. PoppinTwist!"

"I have to say, you ARE amazing! The girls were all talking about you the next day!"

"Thank you SO much for making the party a success. You ROCK!"

"Thank you for your amazing work today. We were all talking about how awesome you were..my son says his Hulk balloon is the best ever!"

"Thank you so much for helping to make our party great! You did a fantastic job entertaining the kids and my son said you were his favorite part of the party."

"Thank you for making this day even more special for our daughter Kristhallie and all her friends. Kids and grow ups had a great time with your amazing talent!!!!"

Levittown NY 11756 US

(516) 209-7505


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